hi! i'm amy. i'm currently living & working in japan. this is basically an online version of my brain; a place where i post things that are rolling thru my brain at that moment..lol... i love to evolve & i also love to challenge stereotypes with fashion/hair/makeup. i adore tokyo fashion w a particular interest in harajuku fashion. as well as fashion, i am obsessed with leading a balanced life. focusing on healthy living & cooking/eating, exercising & yoga. (and yes, i do love BIGBANG) thank you so much for the support & thank you for visiting :3 X instagram.com/amyjeantappenden

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  • Working nowwwww 💕🎵😍💘✨🌸
    1 year ago | 12:37am

    Working nowwwww 💕🎵😍💘✨🌸

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